Scrollview Tutorial in Android

Scrollview Tutorial in Android

This tutorial is to show how to use Vertical and Horizontal scrollviews in Android.
Below example uses a table with multiple rows, once the table exceeds the size of the screen, it automatically scrolls vertically or horizontally.
The below code shows how to build a Textview and TableLayout view with multiple rows dynamically.


Android WebView With built-in zoom controls PhoneGap Tutorial

Android WebView With built-in zoom controls PhoneGap Tutorial

The Following tutorial shows how to Use Webview in a PhoneGap applicationa and enable Built-zoom controls to zoom in and zoom out.

Before continuing this tutorial please check my previous post PhoneGap Tutorial in Android and you can download sample code there.

PhoneGap Tutorial in Android

This tutorial shows how to create a simple phoneGap application in Android.

Pre requisites.

Splash screen Tutorial in Android

Splash screen Tutorial in Android.

There are various ways of to show splash screen on android devices. Here I am describing one of the many ways which is easy to implement not much coding required. In below example splash screen will be displayed for few seconds and hides splash image by showing next view i.e text view in this case. Alternatively you can hide the splash image after we loaded all required resources.

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